I want to have a tattoo. This is what first came into my mind while I was listening to the new song of Coldplay entitled Ink. Maybe I am just curious how painful it is to have an ink. Or I just want to have a mark in my body, para lang masabi na I have a something that has a deep personal meaning in my life. I have college friends who got their tattooes. My former roommate made his own design and asked permission from his wife to have it tattooed. Two of my lady friends have their tattooes … Continue reading Tattoo


January 31 na, parang kailan lang may hang over pa ako ng aking bakasyon sa Pinas at masayang celebration ng Christmas at New Year. Halos isang buwan na rin ako nakabalik sa dati kong trabaho. Nakatapos na tin ako ng isang kliyente at heto’t kakaumpisa ko lang noong nakaraang linggo ng bagong kliyente. Sigurado ako madagdagdagan pa ang aking mga assignment sa mga susunod na mga araw. Totoo ngang mabilis ang takbo ng mga araw kapag busy. Ang 24 oras ay tila ba parang segundo lang kung lumipas. Lalo na sa napili kong trabaho, kulang ang isang buong araw para … Continue reading Oras

The Pope Fever

The Pope fever has reached Doha and my heart. Yesterday I started to get glued watching ANC channel for updates about the Pope’s visit in Philippines. Due to the time difference between Doha and Manila, I only got some highlights of the replays of the masses and the messages of the Pope during his homilies and speeches. This morning when I opened the TV, it was Pope’s image that greeted me. It was a replay of his homily during the mass in Leyte. Through his interpreter, I received his message loud and clear. His sympathy and concern to the victims … Continue reading The Pope Fever

Back to Audit

Today I began to feel the effect of going back to audit. The busy season has finally made its way to crawl back to my veins. There is the deadline to beat and overlapping clients. I already set my mind that I will be busy this 2015. The secondment assignment that saved me last year from the dreaded busy season has ended. I will go back dealing with my former bosses and will divide my time juggling clients assigned to me. I know that I could not change the track of my career and the flow of my work assignment … Continue reading Back to Audit

25 Days of Christmas

I woke up late today. I set my alarm at 5:45 AM but I ended up waking up at 6:30 AM. I only had coffee and left over Krispy Kreme doughnut for breakfast. Traffic this morning was terrible. We were stuck in one of those traffic signals which take almost 20 minutes to go green. Still I was still optimistic for what was stored today for me. Last night I told myself to bring back my old blog tradition, the 25 Days of Christmas. During the past couple of years, I stopped doing it for one reason – I went … Continue reading 25 Days of Christmas

Happy Days Are Here Once Again

There are things which I left behind when I went abroad. One of them is my usual routine during weekends. When I was still working in Makati, I always look¬†forward to weekends. Weekends were my days¬†to recharge both physically and emotionally. Most often I traveled back to province and spent time with my father and siblings. My weekend trips became frequent after I left my previous boarding house and started living alone. I enjoyed living solitary life though I was not a hardcore loner. I consider a weekend a great one if I could bond more time with my family … Continue reading Happy Days Are Here Once Again