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Abril 12, 2014 - Leave a Response

“Contentment makes poor men rich. Discontent makes rich men poor.”

- Benjamin Franklin

Salmon of Desire

Abril 9, 2014 - 2 Tugon

My dearest Lovsy and I celebrated our monthsary today. We usually have dinner during our special day but this time I want something different. Aside from the fact that we are both busy especially her since the busy season in audit is reaching its final stretch we also decided to make “tipid” and increase our savings. So instead of going out I decided to surprise her by preparing and ehem… cook for her as my monthsary surprise.

I am not actually inclined to cooking but I have my own share of cooking experience. Back at home I tried to cook and experiment in our kitchen. My family well, wala silang choice but to try my homecook meals every time I volunteered to cook. Good thing I didn’t receive any violent reaction from them (wala pa so far). Armed with my spoonful of confidence in cooking I bravely handled the cooking for my dearest Lovsy.

So what did I cook? I was actually craving for salmon and we both love salmon and seafoods. So tonight it would be a… Salmon of Desire! Nice! I went out early from office and bought fresh salmon, asparagus and lemon. I was excited to cook especially when I saw the freshly sliced salmon. For sure matutuwa si Lovsy sa dinner namin.

I planned to do salmon wrapped in parchment paper but I dont find parchment paper in the kitchen. I only have waxpaper. Ginoogle ko pa what is the difference between the two papers. Well parchment is thicker than waxpaper and it is good to use for oven. While waxpaper might not endure the heat so it is not advisable for oven. Being skeptic I tried putting a waxpaper with olive oil spread on it in the oven. And it turns out Google is right. Naging brown at muntik masunog si waxpaper. So I settled to plan B which is to use aluminum foil.

I marinated the salmon with lemon and put salt, pepper to taste and a little garlic powder. Together with the asparagus I wrapped the salmon with aluminum foil and put them inside the oven. I let it cook for 20 minutes while adjusting the temperature from time to time.  While waiting for the salmon I also boiled potatoes and broccoli to add more veges in our meal. I  then sauteed the broccoli with garlic in olive oil. After all the effort in cooking plating naman ang next. I just imitated how food are presented in resto.

And viola… whoala… the final output, Salmon of Desire with asparagus and boiled potatoes and sauteed broccoli. image_1 (1) My Lovsy liked my surprise for her. She enjoyed the tenderness of salmon and the combination of veges. While having dinner I played in the background bossa nova songs in my playlist to lighten up the moment at para parang nasa fine dining resto pa rin kami. Happy Monthsary dearest Lovsy! By the way I did not forget to buy you flowers.   Surprise surprise! =)

Sushi Night at Yee Hwa

Abril 4, 2014 - Isang Tugon

Yhee Waa

Last night we decided to go for sushi. After a busy week we just wanted to reward our tired bodies for a Japanese cuisine. I made reservation to Yee Hwa, a Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant. Actually we recently discovered this resto last February. I guess first impression really last. We enjoyed our first time in Yee Hwa.  What we liked most is the variety of sushi rolls available in their menu. And the price is not that expensive, in short swak sa budget.

Aside from the great taste of sushi and the Bento meals, Yee Hwa also offers unlimited sushi every Sundays and unli meat for barbeque nights every Mondays.

I will also commend the service in Yee Hwa. Natuwa din ako to meet fellow Kabayans who are working as staff and crew. It feels like we are at home or we are just dining in Manila. I suggest to make a reservation in order to avoid waiting time. Medyo blockbuster kasi sa waiting area which really a good sign that the resto is becoming people’s favorite in Doha.



St. George

Going back to our sushi night, we tried two different sushi rolls, the St. George  and Deep Blue Sea. I forgot what made them different but definitely, we love the combination of salmon and tuna.


Deep Blue Sea

These two sushi rolls are now booked in my favorite list. For sure babalik balikan namin to.

Fo reservationn you may call Yee Hwa at their landline number: +974 4441 9898.


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