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“Contentment makes poor men rich. Discontent makes rich men poor.”

- Benjamin Franklin

Mag-iwan ng puna

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Salmon of Desire

My dearest Lovsy and I celebrated our monthsary today. We usually have dinner during our special day but this time I want something different. Aside from the fact that we are both busy especially her since the busy season in audit is reaching its final stretch we also decided to make “tipid” and increase our savings. So instead of going out I decided to surprise her by preparing and ehem… cook for her as my monthsary surprise.

I am not actually inclined to cooking but I have my own share of cooking experience. Back at home I tried to cook and experiment in our kitchen. My family well, wala silang choice but to try my homecook meals every time I volunteered to cook. Good thing I didn’t receive any violent reaction from them (wala pa so far). Armed with my spoonful of confidence in cooking I bravely handled the cooking for my dearest Lovsy.

So what did I cook? I was actually craving for salmon and we both love salmon and seafoods. So tonight it would be a… Salmon of Desire! Nice! I went out early from office and bought fresh salmon, asparagus and lemon. I was excited to cook especially when I saw the freshly sliced salmon. For sure matutuwa si Lovsy sa dinner namin.

I planned to do salmon wrapped in parchment paper but I dont find parchment paper in the kitchen. I only have waxpaper. Ginoogle ko pa what is the difference between the two papers. Well parchment is thicker than waxpaper and it is good to use for oven. While waxpaper might not endure the heat so it is not advisable for oven. Being skeptic I tried putting a waxpaper with olive oil spread on it in the oven. And it turns out Google is right. Naging brown at muntik masunog si waxpaper. So I settled to plan B which is to use aluminum foil.

I marinated the salmon with lemon and put salt, pepper to taste and a little garlic powder. Together with the asparagus I wrapped the salmon with aluminum foil and put them inside the oven. I let it cook for 20 minutes while adjusting the temperature from time to time.  While waiting for the salmon I also boiled potatoes and broccoli to add more veges in our meal. I  then sauteed the broccoli with garlic in olive oil. After all the effort in cooking plating naman ang next. I just imitated how food are presented in resto.

And viola… whoala… the final output, Salmon of Desire with asparagus and boiled potatoes and sauteed broccoli. image_1 (1) My Lovsy liked my surprise for her. She enjoyed the tenderness of salmon and the combination of veges. While having dinner I played in the background bossa nova songs in my playlist to lighten up the moment at para parang nasa fine dining resto pa rin kami. Happy Monthsary dearest Lovsy! By the way I did not forget to buy you flowers.   Surprise surprise! =)

Mga Puna

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Sushi Night at Yee Hwa


Yhee Waa

Last night we decided to go for sushi. After a busy week we just wanted to reward our tired bodies for a Japanese cuisine. I made reservation to Yee Hwa, a Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant. Actually we recently discovered this resto last February. I guess first impression really last. We enjoyed our first time in Yee Hwa.  What we liked most is the variety of sushi rolls available in their menu. And the price is not that expensive, in short swak sa budget.

Aside from the great taste of sushi and the Bento meals, Yee Hwa also offers unlimited sushi every Sundays and unli meat for barbeque nights every Mondays.

I will also commend the service in Yee Hwa. Natuwa din ako to meet fellow Kabayans who are working as staff and crew. It feels like we are at home or we are just dining in Manila. I suggest to make a reservation in order to avoid waiting time. Medyo blockbuster kasi sa waiting area which really a good sign that the resto is becoming people’s favorite in Doha.



St. George

Going back to our sushi night, we tried two different sushi rolls, the St. George  and Deep Blue Sea. I forgot what made them different but definitely, we love the combination of salmon and tuna.


Deep Blue Sea

These two sushi rolls are now booked in my favorite list. For sure babalik balikan namin to.

Fo reservationn you may call Yee Hwa at their landline number: +974 4441 9898.

1 Puna

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Mga Marka: ,


Every Sunday I always go to SM Megamall to attend the 2 PM Mass and to relax a little bit. I watch movie if I find any movie worth watching. I check for any sale (boy waldas), If I want to chill I just spend time inside a coffee shop (boy tambay). I sometimes read some books in the bookstores, and look around for any beautiful creatures around the mall (well I am just a boy).

There are those Sundays when I see young individuals wearing catchy costumes and colorful wigs along with their props. These people go in group, by pairs or even solo. They remind me of characters came alive from the cartoons and anime I watch when I was a kid. They are living in their own world combined with fantasy and reality. These are the people who are doing Cosplay.

Cosplay according to my favorite source and know-it-all website, the Wikipedia,  it is a coined term for “costume roleplay”. It is actually a form of art, categorized under performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Characters are often drawn from popular fiction from manga, anime, comic books, fantasy movies, video games.

Akala ko nung una kaya tinawag na Cosplay kasi napaka COSTLY ng mga costumes and attires, props and wigs na gamit nila. Marami kasi sa kanila talagang kinarer ang pagpapanggap or should I say staging the character of their own choice.

Nakakatuwang isipin makakasalubong mo si Naruto sa 3rd floor ng mall tapos paglipat mo sa ground floor nandun ulit ang isa pang Naruto. Totoo palang kayang dumami ni Naruto (lol!).

Naisip ko tuloy baka pag naligaw sa mall si Jolibee or si Mcdo while there is a Cosplay event in the mall, they might say, “Oist count us in.”

Naisip ko rin sumama at magpapanggap akong si “MajinBuu” ang kalaban ni Son Gouku sa Dragonball- Z. Pwedeng-pwede yun kasi me mga fats ako sa tyan at hindi na mahirap magcostume pa (lol ulit)!

Kudos to the young individuals who exerted great amount of effort for their Cosplay and having a high degree of confidence to wear costumes while mingling with regular and normal people inside the mall. Nakakaaliw especially for those who really have the posture and acts like the ones we normally see in anime. Mapapatingin ka talaga sa kanila at matutuwa ka to the point that you want to take pictures with them.

On my way back home, Cosplay is still on my mind. I am not writing this one if it does not have impact to me. I realize that living in this world is also like a Cosplay. Though we don’t take time to prepare our costumes and props.  We have our own character to play in this big stage called life (naks napaka-cliché). We even have multiple characters or roles to play. Some of us are workers, artists, public servants, parents, brothers/sisters, bebeh ko to our loveones, and even enemies to other people. Some of us play the role of a bida or protagonist in life. There are people who portray the goods side, and keeps on doing good deeds. While some acts differently until we despise them for being so rude and labeled them as antagonists in our life, the kontrabidas, mga kalaban in story.

While writing this one, I wonder what character I play in life.

Am I the bida or the main character?

Am I just a mere sidekick of the lead character?

Or am I the worst kontrabida?

I could say I have my own share of being those three. I tried how to be a bida in our family, along with my circle of friends, organizations and in the office. I became a sidekick by playing a cameo role in some events in my life. I once accepted a role as a supporting cast in big events; became part of the reserved list in a basketball team (liga sa barangay), shortlisted but never made it to the top; back-up dancer (oo promise sumayaw din ako, trying hard nga lang); naging taong bayan 45 sa isang theater play sa school,  became a participant and lost numerous contests (I lost my count), mabasted and masaktan(bakit napasama to?), settled as a regular member of organization and tried to be an average student in school.

I am also a kontrabida to my favorite sister (kaaway ko sya sa TV). I once had heated arguments with my former teachers and became headache to some of them. I even pushed a classmate sa kanal filled with flood water (ganun po ako ka-bad… noon), fought with my playmates and going home with a black-eye (syempre kontrabida nga eh). I was also labeled as a destroyer in our house. I destroyed almost everything from TV to door of refrigerator.

Beyond all these things, As I grow old and get matured (a little bit) I preferred to play good characters in life.

Each day I realize I should be a diligent employee and I must give my best performance as an employee.

Each day, I realize I am a motivator and an inspiration to my staffs and to my co-workers. I should be a role model to them.

Each day, I realize I am a mentor and financial adviser to young professionals. I have accepted my advocacy teaching yuppies to save, to invest in stocks, mutual funds and to have financial security by securing a life insurance.

Each day, I realize I am a member of a loving family and I must be present every time they need me. I need to maintain my cheerful attitude towards my siblings, cousins, and pamangkins.

Each day, I am also a seeker… seeking for the love of my life. Sabi ko nga, “She will be lucky because she will have a nice pillow to hug, my fats will always be with for you to hug! (Eeeew!)

There are still aspects of my life when I play as a sidekick. I am glad to be the last option in offense in basketball. I settle in grabbing rebounds as long as I could jump and make some  perimeter shots  if I am free. I would be glad to be  a constant companion of my friends for our jogging nights, billiards and bowling. I will be their constant companion for coffee breaks and extra player in our Counter Strike games.

As much as possible I will no longer accept a kontrabida roles (promise babawasan ko na pagiging pasaway ko).

Lastly, in this world of blogosphere, I have my own character… I am Dorm Boy, writing and blogging about my personal life reflections.

Hope we build better characters while we are join the COSPLAY called LIFE!

Mag-iwan ng puna

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I was inside a fastfood restaurant last Sunday. It was already lunch time and I felt the rumbling of my tummy. While I was waiting for my turn to order (pumipila po ako), a lady in front of me was making her order. I heard her ordering one piece chicken meal. She already paid her order when the crew went back to her.

The crew politely said, “Mam wala na pong thigh part, legs and wings na lang po meron.”

The sweet lady turned to a beast after hearing what the cashier said.

“Di ba tinanong ko kung may thigh part and you said yes?”

To her dismay she demanded to refund her money.

Looking at the lady, I couldn’t help  to ask myself why she got pissed-off for not having her preferred part of the chicken. Indeed people have their own preferences and people have different ways to react when they don’t get what they want. Just like the lady, she preferred her thigh part of the chicken but for me, pare-pareho lang naman yan eh. Ulo, breast, legs, wings, isaw, adidas well all of them taste chicken. Although I admit the boney part of the chicken taste better than the boring breast part.


We have our own preference. We preferred for something that delights us. Just like me, I also some preference. I choose color blue or anything that is within the shades of blue. I prefer Pepsi over Coke. I like to sit at the window seat when riding a bus. I like TV Patrol over 24 Oras (sorry Kapamilya po ako). I prefer to wear black pants over khakis when going to office. I love the combination of café latte and honey deep donut. I choose Boston over Lakers even if they lost their latest championship run. I prefer to wear number 3 in my jersey. These are some of my personal preferences.

I guess we are all born to prefer something. Kapag wala kang preference sa buhay abnormal ka, para mo na rin sinabing wala kang crush ever since kinder days! Even in accounting, we have “preferred stocks” and common stocks. When the business ceases, stockholders which have preferred shares are paid first or they are prioritized to be paid before the common stockholders during liquidation.

Even Jesus had his preference. He preferred Mary over Martha when He visited their house. We do all have our preference. But do we prefer what is important or the most significant things in life? I remember in my line of work, we do always document in our working paper only the significant audit findings or the significant transactions or movements in the accounts. Ganun din kaya tayo sa real world? Do we preferred the significant things in our lives?

As an example, we all know that it is important to have a work, a job that would pay our living. We practice our right to choose and most of the time we follow what we prefer as career to take. We either prefer to work in big city or stay in our hometown. Others prefer to work abroad. But by following our preference, do we check as well the significance of working? Do we prefer to follow the good sides at work like  are we treating our co-workers equally? Are we good to our staffs? Are we considerate bosses? Do we respect each other in the office?

I remember one time, while I am so busy beating my deadline, I put an out-of-office auto response in my e-mail.

I put there: “Hi guys I am busy right now and I don’t want to be disturbed. Lagot kayo sa akin pag inistorbo nyo ko. Kasi pag inistorbo nyo ko, itetreat nyo ko ng Starbucks!” (Just kidding I said what I mean in a polite way. And that I will response to their e-mails after 3PM.)

I realized there is something wrong with what I did. I preferred not to be disturbed and I prefer to finish my work. Having disturbance along the way might stopped me to finish my assignment and I will be a dead meat in front of my boss. But the thing is, I forgot the significance of the presence of other co-workers around me. What if one of my staff needs my help or assistance? What if my crush sent an e-mail for me? (O ha? Sayang di ko na-entertain) or some important announcement that may need my participation? In short I cut the lines between me and my co-workers. I failed to see the significance of working in a team and being with the team. Di ko na inulit yun. (Saka na lang, hehehe!)

Sometimes, we value things which we think are important in life. Another example is how we value money . We value our hard-earned money so much, but we can’t give financial aid to our siblings or friends who are in dire need of help. If we share, we only give the smallest portion of our money. We see the importance of our career and a nice job, but we forgot sometimes the significance of spending quality time with our family, friends, berks and even sa mga “bebehkoh” natin. We buy new cars/new gadgets to the point that we consider them as our most special things in life, but do we see the significance why we bought them in the first place?

Seriously mahaba na ata ang nasusulat ko. Let’s face the reality, we all know we are living in an imperfect world. But we are alive to struggle. We struggle to balance life by knowing what to prefer and that is to prefer more what are the most significant things in our lives and not what are just only the important ones.

When it was my turn to order, naawa ako sa crew.

Sabi ko na lang: “Miss sayang naman ang order nung lady kanina. Ano bang binibigay mo sa kanya?”

The crew answered, “Sir, leg part po.”

I answered, “ Sige pakipalitan mo ng wing part.”

…. Preference.

Mag-iwan ng puna

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