Happy Days Are Here Once Again

There are things which I left behind when I went abroad. One of them is my usual routine during weekends.

When I was still working in Makati, I always look forward to weekends. Weekends were my days to recharge both physically and emotionally. Most often I traveled back to province and spent time with my father and siblings. My weekend trips became frequent after I left my previous boarding house and started living alone. I enjoyed living solitary life though I was not a hardcore loner. I consider a weekend a great one if I could bond more time with my family and friends.

My priceless moment would always be the breakfast with my family after attending Sunday mass. It didn’t matter where we eat, be it in Jolibee, Chowking or in our humble dining table at home. Aside from our family breakfast, my simple indulgence during my weekends is reading Sunday newspapers. Sunday broadsheet is my favorite among all the newspaper days. My father is a patron of Inquirer so I always looked forward to read the Inquirer’s Sunday Magazine. I was quite disappointed when Inquirer decided to print only once a month their Sunday Magazine. I could not blame them. The magazine comes free. Maybe due to cost cutting made them decide to print the glossy magazine only during the first Sunday of each month.

Blogging comes to picture after reading worthy articles.  My weekend routine helped me to start writing in my blog. My inspiration to blog may come from single line I read or simple from my imaginative mind inspired by an article I read. When I blog, I felt like I’m a columnist with my own personal corner in the newspaper.

I enjoyed much this kind of weekend routine but I left it behind.

Living in Middle East, changed my weekend habits. Each part of the routine vanished. There’s no more weekend trips, no more breakfast with my family after hearing Sunday mass and no more newspapers to read. I know that news are available in the internet but the tangible feeling of holding a newspaper is the one that I surely missed.

(By the way, Sunday is the start of working day in this part of the world. Friday is the holy day for our Muslim brethren. Most of our kababayans go to church on Fridays which made us feel like Friday is the new Sunday.)

Just like a domino effect, I lost my blogging time and I faded away from blogging. I couldn’t find my touch, the spark plug to write. I was disappointed to myself for being too lazy to write. I find it ironic not to blog when there are stories worth to share while in abroad. There are stories I wanted to narrate to my family and friends who I left behind in our beloved country.

There’s a saying which is popular to bloggers that says,”Once a blogger, always a blogger.” And I agree to it. Like an itchy feeling that once you felt it, you want it to scratch. There are days when I really I want punch the keys once again, but I just don’t know how to start again. I let days, weeks, and months passed by but I left the itchy feeling to write to simply subside. But it never stopped.

It’s about time to start a new routine and find my time to blog. No more excuses not to blog again.

The desire grows.

The calling continues.

So here I am making another comeback for the second time around once more.

The blogging resumes.

Happy days are here once again.